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Finding Love in the Friendzone

I told myself I wouldn’t look for love again for awhile but it found me… A guy that I went to high school with and that I’m friends with has had a crush on me since 9th or 10th grade finally took his chance to escape the friendzone. After many turn downs this summer I finally decided to give him a chance and hang out with him. We talked about a lot of things, and on an spiritual and physical level I feel like we actually could be good together. But a lesson I learned from a recent past relationship is that I need to start taking things slow, we’ve been talking for about two weeks and I can tell he wants more. He’s already told me he loved me and that he’s in love with me and I said it back. I do feel strongly about him but I’m not in love with him like he is with me. He definitely has a lot to offer and he’s my type. But I feel like he’s trying to move a little faster and I’m not really ready for that cause I still have some feelings for someone else that I’m letting go of… I want to be with my friend but the feelings of the ex still come around from time to time.
I need a little help figuring out what to do… Shoot me a message if you guys have any advice for me. Thanks!


This bitch Sarah has left the fucking country and gone to Peru for a week… Without even telling me goodbye? Alright cool, that’s fine. Not like I wanted to say bye to my best friend or anything… Not like I’m gonna miss her… You know? It’s not like I’m not gonna have anybody to talk to about this guy I’m talking to and I won’t have anyone to tell how I feel about him for a whole fucking week… But it’s cool. I’ll see her when I see her. These goes ain’t loyal… hellomynameis-sarah just another motha fucka that I’m gonna miss for a week cause she’s my best fucking friend that I tell most things too. But I don’t feel no type of way about it… Cause I’m a thug and thugs don’t love these hoes….
I miss that little white bitch already man…. UGH! Lol I’ll just fuck up her blog while she’s gone since she ain’t tell nobody bye.